Our minds are tapped into our higher selves. It is intrinsically connected to a higher power. It informs us about the world and how we react to it. Body, mind and spirit are one – metaphysics. It sends commands to our bodies when it senses danger, love, happiness, tragedy and opportunity – fight or flight. It is ultimately the hub of neurological synapses, chemicals and wiring. When our mind is imbalanced, it has an effect on our entire being. Learn how to focus and stay balanced so that you may thrive in any situation. 


As women, we constantly have things churning in our minds and being pulled into a million directions. Tell me something, do any of the statements below represent you:

  • The kids need to be picked up from school.
  • I have so much cleaning to do.
  • I am so stressed at work. 
  • My spouse or significant other is stressing me out at home. 
  • My family member needs assistance. 
  • I have to plan my best friend’s baby shower. 

If you are in agreement with any of the above then you are like most of us women. It's no wonder you cannot concentrate. When you feel anxious or overwhelmed and you just need a moment of peace, you need to clear your head! Those things that consume you are distracting you from being your true self and higher purpose. You cannot live your best life on purpose if you are constantly distracted.

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There is a way out of the madness! You need to free up some mental space in your head and here are a few meditation exercises that can accomplish this. You can meditate on God's word by sitting in a quiet space, praying, reading and listening for His voice and guidance. You can join a yoga class for a moment of quiet time and stretching exercises. 

You can meditate by taking 3-10 minutes per day to sit in complete silence. Find a space in your home where you know you will not be interrupted. Try this in the morning, noon or evening. Pick a time of day that you would be able to commit to daily. If you have children, ask your honey to watch the kids for 10 minutes. If you are a single mom, include your children...make a game of it. Sit down with your feet planted firmly on the floor side by side. Place your hands on your lap. Breathe in and out very slowly and imagine yourself on a beach listening to the sounds of the water clashing against the sand. Or imagine you are outside sitting in the grass. Breathe in slowly to smell the fresh cut greenery and hear the sounds of the swaying trees then breathe out slowly. Rinse and repeat for as long as you need to. The benefits of meditation are endless.

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It’s deeper than The SecretThe law of attraction is essential in understanding how we call different things to be in our lives. It’s about raising our vibration and being our best selves every day...all day. The law of attraction challenges us to live our best life on purpose. In order to attract positive vibes you need to give off positive vibes from yourself. How do you do that? When you wake up every morning you need to CHOOSE to walk in love and positivity. Say a prayer before getting out of bed. During the day, walk with your head held high and always smile and be friendly to everyone. You never know if you are entertaining an angel. :-) If you encounter negative people, that negative energy can transfer to you and your mood will turn negative. Quickly remove yourself. DO NOT let another person steal your joy and always keep your mind and conscience clear.


A big word for a simple concept. The mind, body and spirit is inextricably connected. What you think ultimately effects how you feel. Your spirit is housed in your body. Once your spirit transcends, the body is no more. Fortunately, the spirit is immutable – it cannot be changed or broken. This connection of the tangible and intangible is like a life force. Energy is constantly circulating between the three realms. There is power within metaphysics and you cannot heal one without the other. If you suffer from physical ailments, you must do more than apply a band-aid to the body. You must focus on your mind and provide remedies in alignment with your spirit.   


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For centuries, we’ve been focused on diets, nutrition, metabolic rates and workout regiments designed to keep our body in shape. Very little thought was given to the brain and what it requires to thrive. Because our mind controls our body, we need to place a significant amount of emphasis on renewing and changing our mindset. Whether you suffer from anxiety, stress or depression...by renewing your mind, you can renew your body and renew your spirit. It is all connected!

In order to live your best life on purpose, you need to work on and change your mindset first and foremost. Your mind controls how you think about love, life, money, relationships and health.

How do I change my mindset you ask? By way of personal development. 

If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally and/or mentally, please visit www.mentalhealth.com. 


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